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Leave a positive product review!

Share a positive review on product you purchased on product page.


  • 30+words
  • Positive comments
  • Upload a product image you took

Share a post on Social Media

Share a post with images or videos on any social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok or other forum, etc.


  • Short description on your experience
  • Mention the product you purchase
  • 2 Images or a 15s video of the product
  • Tag us! @evgoby
tesla accessories

Share Product Review & Installation Tutorial on YouTube

Share an installation video to help other owners to install easily!


  • Complete installation tutorial on installing the product or share the usage and the functionality of the product; set to public
  • About 3-10 minutes (Longer videos are definitely welcomed!)
  • Mention EVGOBY in the video description and include the link to the product page.

Join the campaign

We will issue a coupon for your next purchase.

How to apply for the rebate?

Once you have finished the above task(s), you can contact us and we will process your application shortly. You may consult us before making your post/video to make sure you have met all the requirements. We may repost your sharing or tag you in our social media platforms.

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